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Your Holiday Passport

How to Write Your Own Vacation



All-Inclusive Resort Holidays

Bonus Privileges

Bonus Airfare

Customer Service/Special Notes

Your Holiday Passport

As the owner of Holiday Passports, you are among the privileged travelers able to take advantage of a world of extraordinary vacation opportunities.

Your Passport Portfolio contains an array of travel cards designed to give you maximum flexibility in planning your holiday getaways. They represent unprecedented value in complimentary accommodations and discounted travel available only through the extensive resources of Holiday Travel of America, an established leader in the industry.

In addition, Holiday Passport travel cards make wonderful gifts. Fully transferable, they are easily shared with friends and family.

Your first step is to dream. Spread your Holiday Passport Travel Cards out before you and imagine the possibilities. After you've created one perfect vacation after another, nothing could be easier than making them come true.


How to Write Your Own Vacation

Your Holiday Passports Portfolio includes Travel Cards describing the individual vacation opportunities, along with 30 Passport Checks, a sheet of destination stamps, and a CD-ROM that outlines the destinations available to you with valuable links, including our on-line registration. To redeem any of the travel offers, simply follow the instructions in this booklet.

  1. Plan your customized vacation, referring to the Travel Cards for options and details. (Itinerary planning pages are included in the back of this booklet to help you organize your holidays.) Be sure to select two choices for travel dates, more than seven (7) days apart.

  2. For each travel offer you want to use, select a corresponding sticker and place it on a Passport Check. (IMPORTANT: Use one sticker per check and one check for each destination or travel offer. For example, if your vacation consists of a cruise plus accommodations at two different destinations, include three checks and three corresponding stamps.)

  3. Complete the information on the Passport Check(s), including alternate travel dates, and mail to: Holiday Travel of America, 6405 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009-2802, at least forty-five (45) days before your trip.

  4. Once your Passport reservation request is received, a Holiday Travel agent will contact you to verify the information you have provided and answer any questions.

  5. Holiday Travel will provide you with written confirmation at least twenty-one (21) days prior to departure, which you must present in person while on your vacation. For details on customer service, refer to page 16.

Register Holiday Passports

Your Holiday Passport must be registered to you, the owner, before you can begin to "Write Your Own Vacations." To do so, simply fill out the Passport Registration and mail it to Holiday Travel of America, 6405 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009-2802. Remember, your vacation requests cannot be processed until we have received your ownership registration, so act immediately.

Give Passport Checks to Friends or Family

Simply fill out the Passport Check(s) with the recipient's name, information and requested dates, and affix the appropriate stamp(s). Be sure the registered traveler(s) sign the check before mailing. Either you or the recipient can then mail to Holiday Travel. For added convenience, go to our on-line registration to assign Passport Checks, and follow the instructions.

Make your reservations electronically

You may redeem your Passports on-line. To expedite your reservation process, please visit the customer service section of this site.


Accommodation Privileges

There's a certain pleasure in knowing that at the end of the day-no matter where you are or how hard you've played-a comfortable room awaits.

For Holiday Passport owners, that pleasure translates into complimentary lodging for two at a wide range of popular destinations, including resorts in California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico and many, many more.

Your Passport Portfolio contains a Travel Card for each accommodation option. To see the full range of possibilities, and to understand the specific privileges and procedures for each, be sure to review these cards carefully.


  • If you wish, you may combine several accommodation certificates and use them together to create an extended holiday for yourself. Simply request back-to-back dates, and remember to submit one Passport Check for each destination.

  • Your accommodations are prepaid. However, you are required to post an applicable tax deposit of $12.50 per night. (Tax rates vary depending upon your destination, in which case the difference will be either billed or credited to you.) Holiday Travel of America highly recommends that you include your tax deposits with your reservation request to avoid any processing delays. If you prefer, log onto our website at to pay with your credit card. In the event you are unable to travel, your tax deposit will be refunded or credited.


Cruise Privileges

Relax and luxuriate in carefree style on the cruise of your dreams. With Holiday Passports, you and a guest are invited to take advantage of discounts up to 60% while you sail with Carnival or Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines through the beautiful waters of the Caribbean, Mediterranean or the Pacific. Indulge yourself with fabulous food, pampered service, exotic destinations and exceptional value - a privilege of Holiday Passports.

For the full range of specific privileges and instructions regarding your cruise opportunities, refer to the Carnival or Royal Caribbean Travel Card in your Passports Portfolio.


  • PLEASE NOTE: Passengers are required to pay applicable sales tax and port charges, which are not included in the discounted rate. In addition, the discounted rate does not include transportation to and from the port of departure, beverages, gratuities or service charges.

  • Your Holiday Passport rate applies for two adults. If you wish, you may book for other passengers at an additional cost. Ask your Holiday Travel agent for details.

  • Cruise coupons are valid for use on a broad range of Carnival or Royal Caribbean Cruises, but may not be used with any other cruise line discount or promotion.

* Discounted rates vary, depending upon ship, category and season you select.


All-Inclusive Resort Privileges

Holiday Passport holders are entitled to fabulous discounts at the world's most sought-after resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. In a special arrangement with Holiday Travel, these resorts offer you all-inclusive privileges-accommodations plus unlimited food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) for the duration of your stay.

To have the all-inclusive holiday you deserve, use a Passport Check to reserve your place at one of these fabulous resorts. For destination choices, details and specific privileges available refer to the All-Inclusive Travel Card in your portfolio.


  • A government imposed tax deposit of $12.50 per night is required. To avoid any processing delays, include this deposit with your passport reservation request. If you are unable to travel, your tax deposit will be refunded or credited.


Bonus Privileges

Included in your Holiday Passports Portfolio are special limited edition Travel Cards that open up new vacation opportunities for you and add extra value to your Passport. Redeem these offers just as you would the others in the portfolio, but remember, each card is different, so review them carefully for details and specific instructions.


Bonus Airfare Privileges

Whether you want to explore new territory or simply revisit a favorite place, Holiday Passports lets you take advantage of extraordinary savings with pre-paid airfare to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Roundtrip airfare for two (2) to Honolulu, Hawaii is pre-paid when you purchase accommodations at one of many participating hotels or resorts. To take advantage of this exclusive arrangement, place your Hawaii airfare stamp on a Passport Check and mail to Holiday Travel of America. A minimum stay at a participating resort or hotel is required, so please read and follow the instructions on the Hawaii Airfare Travel Card in your Portfolio carefully; taxes applicable.


Customer Service

Your Holiday Passports Portfolio was designed to be as simple to use as possible. Our staff of professional travel consultants are on hand to ensure that your Passport travel experiences are trouble-free and memorable, from beginning to end.

After your Passport Check is received, a staff member will:

  1. Contact you by telephone or in writing to acknowledge receipt of your vacation request.

  2. Confirm your reservations in writing at least 21 days prior to your vacation departure. Cruises and Air Travel may be confirmed much closer to departure date than twenty-one (21) days.

  3. Assist you with any additional travel requests, such as: reserving extra room nights; coordinating airfare; coordinating a rental car for your convenience; providing information about your destination; informing you of special promotions, if any, offered by the host hotel. In all cases, Holiday Travel of America will work to provide you with competitive rates on your additional travel requests.

Special Notes and Instructions

  • If you choose to coordinate your own transportation, we recommend that you do not book your airline reservations until Holiday Travel of America has confirmed your requested accommodation or cruise dates in writing.

  • All travel reservations are subject to space availability.

  • Pre-paid accommodations and all-inclusive resorts are subject to guidelines governing pre-paid travel which require that participants be 25 years of age or older and possess a major credit card at time of check-in.

  • While we make it our business to deliver a memorable holiday experience to you, some circumstances fall outside our control. For that reason, Holiday Travel of America cannot be held responsible for verbal or written representations not contained in Holiday Passports, or any act of God or other independent occurrence that may impact your travel experience. However, if a destination becomes unavailable as a result of any such occurrences, Holiday Travel of America will gladly offer a substitute destination.

  • To protect yourself in case an emergency causes you to change your travel plans, we recommend travel insurance. CSA Travel insurance is available from Holiday Travel of America and covers a variety of emergency situations. For more information ask your reservationist or visit

  • Holiday Travel of America is the final authority on the interpretation of these privileges and procedures, including the details of participation stated within.

  • Holiday Passports expires on December 15, 2020, and may be extended annually subject to destination, cruise and air changes.

Congratulations on choosing Holiday Passports. We wish you the most memorable of vacation experiences.


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